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How to send an encrypted attachment? Learn the easy way.

How to sent an encrypted attachment?Sending encrypted attachments is a key step in ensuring the security and confidentiality of information exchange in today’s digital world. Whether you are sending sensitive business documents or private files, encrypting the attachment is essential to protect the data from unauthorized access. Sending an attachment via email is very risky, as unauthorized people can easily intercept the file. In this article, we will provide a practical guide on how to send an encrypted attachment securely as an alternative to email.

End-to-end encrypted Chat. Why should I use encrypted chat at work?

The sudden switch to remote work has forever changed the way teams communicate. A ton of research has been done so far to document this transformation and its impact on the work environment, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but this we know for sure: digital communication solutions are here to stay. […]