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Encrypted video call

Encrypted video call

In today’s world, where online communication has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data during video calls is a key aspect. PrivMX Contact, a business communication platform, offers a solution for secure and encrypted video calls. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at PrivMX Contact’s features for maintaining privacy during video calls:

  • End-to-end encryption: PrivMX Contact uses advanced end-to-end (E2E) encryption, which ensures that the content of your video calls is protected at every stage of the data transfer. This means that only you and your customer have access to the contents of the call, and no third party can intercept or read them.

  • Access management: PrivMX Contact allows users to control access to their video calls. You can set who is allowed to participate in the calls and who can initiate them. You can send an invitation directly to the meeting to the person who will participate as a Guest.

  • Chat: In addition to the video call itself, PrivMX Contact allows you to have simultaneous conversations in the form of Chat. You can communicate with meeting participants via messages, which are also encrypted – as is all content in PrivMX Contact.

  • Tagging: you can tag video meetings, creating a personalized version of the app, tailored to your needs and habits – so that you never lose the thread.

Secure video calls are becoming increasingly important in today’s world of business and online communication. PrivMX Contact provides advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption, access control and privilege management for secure video communications. With PrivMX Contact, you can focus on the content of the call, confident that your data is protected at the highest level.

How to encrypt a file before sending it: step by step

How to encrypt a file before you send it: step by step

In today’s digital world, where file transfer is becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, concern for data security is a key aspect. Particularly for files containing sensitive information, encryption before transmission is essential to ensure that only authorized recipients can access them. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to encrypt a file before sending it securely.

End-to-end encrypted File sharing. Why should I encrypt the files at work?

Learn more about how PrivMX Fusion protects all your files with end-to-end encryption, keeping them secure from all third parties.

Files are a fundamental part of teamwork. Text notes, spreadsheets, mind maps, pdfs and images are crucial in planning, strategising, analyzing, calculating and providing a visual representation of data for your colleagues. Although every team uses multiple types of files on a daily basis, the most popular solutions for creating, sharing and storing that kind of data are not very convenient. In order to collaborate on files, most teams use numerous tools: file editors to create documents, a storage space for uploading, another tool that allows sharing this data with team members (chat or email) and in some cases, a management solution to organize data.

Using such a collection of dispersed solutions on a daily basis can be chaotic. Switching in between apps takes a lot of time and disrupts focus. What’s more, most file storage software providers rarely pay enough attention to your data’s security. Even if they have privacy policies on the website or claim to encrypt the data, the most popular solutions do not use the most effective methods, such as end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge servers.

File sharing within our Fusion of Tools – game-changer in teamwork

We all know how easy it is to make a mess in your files’ storage space. Whether it’s your computer’s drive or a storage service based in a cloud, if you don’t store your content in an organized way, it quickly gets chaotic – and there’s nothing more frustrating than browsing tons of folders and not being able to find a file you’re looking for, because you simply can’t remember its name. It gets even messier when you’re sharing files with your colleagues in various apps and end up with countless copies of the same file. What’s worse, you constantly risk losing your data due to the chaos of it all.

To avoid the chaos, we have integrated all the necessary tools, including File storage and editor, Chat, Task manager and Calendar – in one digital workspace. You can upload any file to PrivMX Fusion in different ways – drop it in a chat channel, add to your Files or attach it to a particular Task. That way you can find it much faster. What’s more, you decide right away where it should be stored and who should have access to it, all with just a few clicks. To make it even smarter, PrivMX Fusion does not create unnecessary copies – the file that you share in different ways (via Chat, Files or in Tasks) is always the same version, it’s simply linked between our Tools without duplication. To learn more, read this tutorial about Files in PrivMX Fusion.

To make it more compact, PrivMX Fusion comes with its own File editor – there’s no need for a separate text editor to make text notes, mind maps or spreadsheets or a separate image editor to edit a picture or a screenshot. It all happens within PrivMX Fusion and you can do it in a flash, using hotkeys. These features make crucial teamwork activities, such as noting down ideas and presenting them in a comprehensible way, even more natural. Mindmaps, however, are a feature that makes PrivMX Fusion stand out – this versatile tool allows you to put your ideas together and show them to your colleagues in a clear, unique form. You can also use them to plan and strategise, divide your business strategies into stages – it’s totally up to you. To learn more, read this tutorial about PrivMX Fusion File editors.

As most of your team’s ideas and solutions are captured in Files, we believe they should be protected at all times. That’s why in PrivMX Fusion they’re all secured with the best encryption algorythms.

End-to-end Encryption in File sharing: protecting ideas, plans and strategies

Most storage services are based on a simple model: you get a certain amount of space that you can use for whatever reason; you get a login and a password to make sure it’s “protected”. In most cases it means that the service provider is able to see what you keep on the servers and access the data for later use – to process it and run their own research, train their AI and machine learning or, int he worst case scenario, sell it to some third parties.

That’s not the case with PrivMX Fusion. We keep all your content, including Files, totally private using end-to-end encryption. This game-changing feature is what makes PrivMX stand out from other File sharing apps – not many of them use that type of encryption to protect all the team’s intellectual property at all times.

There are different types of encryption and PrivMX Fusion uses end-to-end encryption together with zero-knowledge servers, sometimes described as zero-knowledge encryption. In this case, an encryption key is used to encrypt your content, before it leaves your device. So when you edit a document, save it and send it to your colleagues, it’s encrypted all the way to your team members’ devices. It’s available to no one but them. Server administrators can’t open your files, not even us, at PrivMX Fusion. Your business data is nobody’s business.

If you want o know more, read our article about how PrivMX Fusion stands out when it comes to data encryption.

As always – we’d love to get your feedback. Feel free to contact us with any questions and opinions.

End-to-end encrypted Chat. Why should I use encrypted chat at work?

The sudden switch to remote work has forever changed the way teams communicate. A ton of research has been done so far to document this transformation and its impact on the work environment, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but this we know for sure: digital communication solutions are here to stay. The problem is, most of the popular ones are either:

  • not designed for work-related communication;
  • not privacy-oriented, at all.

Dedicated Chat: a game-changer in teamwork

There are so many chat applications designed for everyday, casual conversations. People tend to stick to them out of convenience, and unfortunately use them to discuss important, even confidential company issues with their co-workers. Talking to many teams so far, we can see how it messes with their work-life balance, as there is no proper distinction between purely social and work-related interactions – simply because these apps were never designed for work-related purposes.

In PrivMX, we believe teamwork starts with a conversation – no matter how and where it happens. We also believe that teams should have a choice to keep their conversations truly private; and that’s when things get complicated. With so many enterprise chat solutions out there, with their amazing UX and UI, awesome features meant to boost your productivity and improve team spirit, not many are offering an honest, transparent privacy policy.

To be fair – most of them present such document on their website and everything looks legit at first glance, but as soon as you start looking into how your team’s data is stored, where it’s actually located and who has access to it, there are no solid answers. There are open-source solutions, like the ones we mentioned here, that allow you to self-host and therefore take full control of your communication, but most of the cloud-based solutions are not privacy-oriented, so you never know who can read your messages.

End-to-end Encryption in Chat: protecting ideas exactly where they are born.

Why would I need to keep my work conversations private? We have nothing to hide! – you might say. Our answer would be: What do you cherish most at your company? What’s the most valuable asset in your team? If it’s your ideas, you certainly agree that the best ones often come up in the middle of a conversation, frequently by accident. Such insights are worth taking care of from the very beginning. Same applies to all the communication regarding your internal business strategies, decisions you’re making, budgets, HR information, your clients/or partner’s data – all the stuff you’re discussing every day. That is why even the most casual conversations at work should be protected and the best way to do it is by using encryption.

There are several types of encryption, but the most reasonable and privacy-friendly solution is the one we’re using at PrivMX Fusion: end-to-end encryption based on zero-knowledge servers. In this case, all your data is secured on your device (client-side encryption) with a unique encryption key. So when a chat message or a video call transmission, or an audio message leaves your computer to get to the cloud and later – to your recipient – it’s already encrypted, locked with a private key and accessible only to the people you want to have conversations with. No one but them. Not an admin of the server infrastructure where your data is located, not even us, running PrivMX Fusion. Your business data is nobody’s business.

If you are interested in how PrivMX Fusion stands out, read our article about the types of encryption.

We’ve built PrivMX Fusion around the idea of transparent communication, so chat is an essential elements of our Fusion of Tools. That doesn’t mean it’s only for work-related stuff – you’re free to set up a Section solely for off-topic conversations. To be honest, our team has 6 of them 😉 But as we’re sharing memes, recipes or discuss Space exploration, we can rest assured that all of this water cooler talks remain private, for our eyes only – just like all of our ideas for PrivMX ecosystem.

Choosing the right tools is crucial for a successful business, and it’s way easier to make the right decision at the very beginning, than suddenly make a switch when you already have tons of files, tasks or messages. PrivMX Fusion is a great opportunity to transfer all your valuable information to a secured workspace and stop worrying about third-parties accessing your company’s data.