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How to encrypt a file before sending it: step by step

How to encrypt a file before you send it: step by step

In today’s digital world, where file transfer is becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, concern for data security is a key aspect. Particularly for files containing sensitive information, encryption before transmission is essential to ensure that only authorized recipients can access them. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to encrypt a file before sending it securely.

1. Choosing the right tool to encrypt files

The first step is to choose the right file encryption tool or software. PrivMX Contact is a tool that allows users to send a file of any size and formatting a secure manner. All you have to do is open PrivMX Contact in your browser, enter the recipient’s email address and add the file.

2. Automatic encryption of the file

The file, like all data in PrivMX Contact, is immediately encrypted. You are assured that all data remains private. It’s a quick and easy way to encrypt an important document. End-to-end encryption makes the data unreadable until decrypted by the recipient.

3. Decryption of the file by the recipient

The recipient will receive a message to their mailbox with a link to the application. For the first message, it will be necessary to send a temporary password through another trusted channel. The temporary password is given for security purposes. The recipient can export the file or access it in PrivMX Contact by logging into the application with the email address and password.

Encrypting files before sending them is an extremely important step in keeping data safe, especially for confidential documents. Choosing the right tool speeds up the process considerably, while ensuring unconditional security. This allows you to maintain your privacy and minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information.

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