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Introducing Private Camera App for Ultimate Photo Privacy

How private are the photos on your smartphone? Meet our brand new PrivateCameraApp – a privacy-first app for taking, storing and sharing pics.

We have a holistic approach to communication and collaboration in business: we’ve designed PrivMX Fusion to protect the inner information flow of a team and we’re currently working on a tool that secures and streamlines its external business relationships. Both solutions are dedicated to business users and are made with the use of our encryption technology.

But we didn’t stop there – as a team of extremely inventive IT creatives we came up with an idea for a app that introduces privacy when it’s most needed: in your smartphone.

Enter Private Camera App: one app that lets you take, encrypt and share a photo with just a few clicks. Now available at AppStore and Google Play, it’s the simplest way to make sure your photos stay truly private.

How does it work?

Let’s breakout down in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Open the app and take a photo – the camera is built-in and ready to use.


Step 2: The photo is instantly sent to your dedicated encrypted Album in a zero-knowledge Cloud, away from your device.


Step 3: You can automatically share the photo with your selected people. Invite them to your album so they can view, edit and add their own pictures. You can manage their access easily an organise your Albums just the way you want to.


And that’s it. You can enjoy your privacy and rest assured that all of your smartphone photos are made, stored and shared in total confidentiality.

How do we do that?

We’re using the same technology that powers PrivMX Fusion and all of upcoming PrivMX products. Once you take a photo, it’s end-to-end encrypted and sent to a Zero-Knowledge server, away from your device and any third party processing. Only the people you share your pics with are able to decrypt them.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! Enjoy the app and feel free to share your opinions.

Best, PrivMX Team

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