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How to encrypt a contract: ensure your company’s compliance with GDPR

How to encrypt a confidential contract? Ensure your company's compliance with GDPR

Contract encryption is a key aspect in the business world, where the exchange of legal documents plays an important role. Securing the content of contracts from unauthorized access and interception has become a priority for many companies. The obligation to ensure the confidentiality of data contained in contracts is regulated by GDPR. This applies to every company – including yours. In this article, we will discuss how to encrypt a contract effectively, protecting sensitive information.

1. Choosing the right encryption tool

The first step is to choose the right tool or software for contract encryption. PrivMX Contact is a tool with which you will send a confidential contract in an unconditionally secure manner. All you have to do is open PrivMX Contact in your browser, enter the recipient’s email address and add the file.

2. Automatic encryption of the contract

The contract, like all data in PrivMX Contact, is instantly encrypted. All personal data, provisions and all other information contained in the contract are encrypted end-to-end automatically. It’s a simple and fast way to encrypt a contract. End-to-end encryption makes the data unreadable until decrypted by the recipient.

3. Generating a temporary password

When PrivMX Contact sends a contract to a person for the first time, after the recipient’s email address is entered, a temporary password will be generated, which must be sent through another channel. This is an additional security measure for the data that is in PrivMX Contact.

4. Decryption of the contract by the recipient

The recipient will receive a message to their mailbox with a link to the application. Once logged into the application, they get access to the uploaded contract and all other information that has been shared. The recipient can export the file or access it in PrivMX Contact by logging into the application with their email address and password.

5. Access monitoring and control

PrivMX Contact provides access control to important documents or topic threads. When conducting your communications with Customers and/or Partners using PrivMX Contact, you constantly monitor who has access to relevant content. You can manage access at any time.

Contract encryption is an important step in securing sensitive information and legal documents. By choosing the right tool, carefully managing access and following secure transfer procedures, you can ensure that contracts are protected from unauthorized access and interception. It’s not only a legal issue, but also one that builds trust in business relationships.

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