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Team Server settings

After you create a new Team Server for your team, you’re assigned a role of the Team Keeper. No need to panic, it’s just our way to define primary Team Server users who arrange the workspace for their colleagues and get access to the Control Centre – an online pannel where you or your company’s admin can manage and see all of your team servers and make your payments.

To make things clear: all PrivMX Fusion users who work together within one Team Server are called Team Members. A Team Keeper is a regular Team Member with some extra benefits, such as creating and managing certain features within their Team Members’ accounts. As we believe that true teamwork should be based on trust and respect, not structures of supervision, it’s up to your team to decide who is acting as Team Keeper.

Before you enter PrivMX Fusion workspace, you see the main Tools (Chat, Files and more) listed and your default Sections below. Clicking any of the Tools or a Section will take you to the selected space right away.

To start arranging the workspace for your team and see all your Team Keepers options, check your User Profile (top right corner).

This place is common for all PrivMX Fusion users – it’s where you find:

  • private User Settings (where you edit your password, turn on/off 2FA, adjust interface and text editor’s settings, notifications, check your data chached on your device and create your user profile)
  • Support (where you can get in touch with our Team directly to solve any issues)
  • About (where you check any updates on PrivMX software versions). It’s also where you log out of your Team Server.

Team Keepers get a special “Sections” panel (which is described in the Article about Creating and Adjusting Sections for your Team) and a special Team Keeper area, where you manage and arrange your Team’s workspace. I’ts where you keep information on your Team Members. As you can see below, it keeps data on:

  • the exact number of Team server’s users: Team Members/External Users;
  • Server storage usage – see how much space is left and how much has been used so far;
  • Team Server location;
  • The exact time of the last backup; Team Keepers are also able to delete the demo content on their Team Server’s just by clicking the appropriate link – and start arranging their workspace from scratch. Note that you can also access PrivMX Control Centre here – a place where you can make arrangements considering your Team Servers, make orders and payments:

The Team Members part of the sidebar menu allows you to see much more:

  • data on the online status of your Team Members – you can check the exact time of their last log in;
  • Blocking / unblocking selected Team Members – if there’s a need, you’re able to block a certain user with one click;
  • Disabling Team Members’ 2FA – you can turn off the 2FA of a selected Team Member with just a click – next time when someone loses their phone, you’ll be able to secure their account fast.

You’re also able to see same data refering to your External Users. Logins lets you see logging data of your Team Members.

If you ever need to send a message to all or many keepers at once straight to the private chat, you can choose do it via the last feature of the sidebar menu:

Remember – there’s far more to being a true Team Keeper than just exclusive features – you need to be a team player at heart 😉 To learn more about PrivMX Fusion functions, see our other tutorials.

Creating and Adjusting Sections for your Team

Sections help you organize your teamwork – as every team is different, there are many ways to use them, depending on the size and structure of your team, the industry you’re in and the volume of tasks your team performs every day. It’s all up to your creativity and project management tactics.

Therefore, Sections may contain various projects your Team is working on, different aspects of your work routine or groups within your Team; you’re free to think of any creative way to use them. Your primary Section is by default named after your Team and displayed in bold typeface above all other Sections.

Entering Sections through your User Profile

You can access any Section in 3 ways – enterign through your User Profile is one of them. To create or edit a Section just go to your User Profile settings (top right corner) and choose Sections:

After you open the Section settings, you’ll be able to see all Sections within your Team Server. You’ll also be able to manage settings of particular Sections – by activating Tools’ notifications within each one.  You can also decide who can access a Section, manage it and create its Subsections:

As you can see above, this is where you can:

  • rename your sections;
  • enable active modules (Tools – not every Section requires Calendars or Files, so you can adjust them to your Team’s needs);
  • allow other Team Members to access, manage and create Subsections of the particular Section;
  • decide how you want the section to disply in your vertical Section menu;
  • remove the whole Section;
  • add a new subsection.

Each Team Member can also create a private Section, where no other Team Members can enter. It may contain private Files, Tasks, Calendar, to-do lists and kanban boards. Each item can be shared with selected Team Members anytime by its creator.

Entering Sections through the initial app window

You can access any particular Section right after you log into your PrivMX Fusion workspace. The initial window allows you to enter your Team Server any way you want, including through a Section. Just select one from the list below the Tools icons:

After clicking a selected Section, PrivMX takes you straight into its feed, where you can see its inner Chat conversations, Files, and Tasks:

Entering Sections through the sidebar menu

After you enter your Team’s workspace, Sections are always displayed in the sidebar menu on your left. Note that you can always access each Section’s settings straight from the menu – simply by clicking the Settings/Gear icon next to its name in the sidebar Sections menu:


By choosing “New Section”, you create and name a brand new, Parent Section, that can be later developed into Subsections.  To create a Subsection in any existing Parent Section, just click “+Add Subsection” in a selected Section. 

Parent Sections and Subsections may be adjusted according to your (Team Keeper’s) tactics.  Subsections are later displayed in your Section menu as follows: Parent section/Subsection (with Subsection always displaying in bold typeface).

You can decide whether you want the Section to be Managed (accessible only to the Team Members you select). This way you can arrange your team’s workspace according to your privacy policy and hierarchy. Note that all the content of each Section is still encrypted and can be accessed only by your designated Team Members.

The “Active Modules” feature lets you select the tools you want to use within the Section. Some sections, like “Lunch” ( an essential one in terms of keeping the team spirit alive ;), may not only need chat or file sharing. It’s all up to you.

As a Team Keeper, you’re able to manage access policy of each Section and activate its modules (Tools) for all other Team Members. To learn more about how you can adjust the workspace for your team, see our tutorial about Team Server settings.

Adding new Team Members to your Team Server

If you’re a Team Keeper, in order to add new members to your team, you need to log into your Team Server and select „Team Server” in your top right corner.

Once you’re in your Team Server Window, choose „Team Members” and „+ Add a Team Member”.

There are 3 types of accounts in PrivMX Fusion: Regular, Keeper and Limited. Here’s how they work:

1. REGULAR – for all regular Team Members

To create this type of account you need to manage the settings considering the user password and the access. You can choose 2 types of account settings:

  • Managed – Team Keeper is able to reset the password of such user
  • Private – Team Keeper can’t reset the password nor access the account – if the password is lost, nobody can access this user’s data.

With the Managed account, after you click “+Create new account and temporary password”, you’ll see the generated password right away – make sure to share it with the new user, as well as their user name.

Once the user logs into the new account, PrivMX will request updating the password.

With the Private account, after you click “+Add new Team Member and generate ACToken”, we’ll create a one-time individual activation code (ACToken) that allows users to create a new account on their own.

Share the ACToken with the new user and ask them to use it in the login screen inside PrivMX Fusion app (the “Use ACToken” option). The new user will be able to create the first password for the account – one that can’t be accessed by anyone, including Team Keepers.

2. KEEPER – the high authority account

Apart from managing other users’ account, the Keeper can also create and manage the main Sections.

If you want the new Team Member to have a Team Keeper status in a Private mode, just create a Regular account, choosing Private mode. After the account is activated, change the user’s status by clicking “Edit” next to his/her username:

Then change his/her status to Team Keeper by activating the Team Keeper switch to “Yes” and clicking “Save changes”.

3. LIMITED – account with reduced authorization

This type of account is usually created for external users who are cooperating with a Team within a selected part of a project. The Limited users can only access the Sections they are directly authorized to enter – they can’t enter the “all-members Sections automatically, like other users.

The process of creating the Limited account is analogical to the Regular. After you click “+Create Account and a temporary Password” you need to share the generated password with your new Limited Team Member.

The only thing that’s different in the process is an option to enable the Limited user to create a private Section, where he/she can keep their personal data.

The Limited user can see and participate in all Chat conversations, edit, upload and create Files or Tasks, schedule events in Calendar – all within the Section he/she has access to.

The 1-on-1 Chat is limited for such users – after they log into PrivMX Fusion, they can contact solely with the Team Keeper, not being able to see the rest of the Team. They can use the 1-on-1 Chat only after it’s initiated by a different Team Member.

That’s all you need to know for now about the Regular, Keeper and Limited accounts.

After you invite your Team inside the Team Server, you can learn more about adjusting the workspace and adding new Sections for your daily communication and cooperation.

Creating a new Team Server hosted by PrivMX

What you’ll see here is the fastest way to start working within PrivMX Fusion – there’s no need for a separate server to host your data or to install a PrivMX Team Server Software on your own.

PrivMX Team Server is an independent, digital workspace, where all the data created and shared by your Team are stored. Neither the Team Server nor its admins have access to any piece of your data, as it’s a Zero-Knowledge construction.

Installing PrivMX Fusion

If you haven’t installed PrivMX Fusion application so far, start with following our instructions. After you’re done with the installation, open PrivMX Fusion on your computer.

A new PrivMX Team Server

After you open the app, you’ll see a login screen. To start, choose “Create new Team Server”:

Next, you’ll see a form for you to fill with some basic information.

  • Entering your email address please keep in mind that we’ll send a verification code there.
  • Choosing the name of your Team please note that from this moment on it will make part of your new server’s address and become a part of all your Team Members’ logins – so make sure to make it short.
  • Choose the location of your server – the city in which your data will actually be stored (our company uses data centres in numerous cities).
  • You can set up an empty server, or one with demo content, which can be removed anytime in the future. After you accept the TOS and Privacy Policy, click „Continue”:

You’ll get a verification code in your inbox. Copy it here and click „Continue”:

You’re almost done! Just one step to go:) Click „Continue”:

Now you have created your first Team Server! It will be activated as soon as you create the first user account (Team Keeper).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: memorize your password! Your account is primary and private, so if you lose your password, we won’t be able to reset it. If you forget your password, you can log in using your private ACToken. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe.

After you fill in all the data, click „Create account”

It’s ready now!

Click „Sign in now” and log into your new PrivMX Team Server.

You can now start inviting your colleagues to PrivMX Fusion, you’ll learn how to do that in our next tutorial.