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Introducing Private Camera App for Ultimate Photo Privacy

How private are the photos on your smartphone? Meet our brand new PrivateCameraApp – a privacy-first app for taking, storing and sharing pics.

We have a holistic approach to communication and collaboration in business: we’ve designed PrivMX Fusion to protect the inner information flow of a team and we’re currently working on a tool that secures and streamlines its external business relationships. Both solutions are dedicated to business users and are made with the use of our encryption technology.

But we didn’t stop there – as a team of extremely inventive IT creatives we came up with an idea for a app that introduces privacy when it’s most needed: in your smartphone.

Enter Private Camera App: one app that lets you take, encrypt and share a photo with just a few clicks. Now available at AppStore and Google Play, it’s the simplest way to make sure your photos stay truly private.

How does it work?

Let’s breakout down in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Open the app and take a photo – the camera is built-in and ready to use.


Step 2: The photo is instantly sent to your dedicated encrypted Album in a zero-knowledge Cloud, away from your device.


Step 3: You can automatically share the photo with your selected people. Invite them to your album so they can view, edit and add their own pictures. You can manage their access easily an organise your Albums just the way you want to.


And that’s it. You can enjoy your privacy and rest assured that all of your smartphone photos are made, stored and shared in total confidentiality.

How do we do that?

We’re using the same technology that powers PrivMX Fusion and all of upcoming PrivMX products. Once you take a photo, it’s end-to-end encrypted and sent to a Zero-Knowledge server, away from your device and any third party processing. Only the people you share your pics with are able to decrypt them.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! Enjoy the app and feel free to share your opinions.

Best, PrivMX Team

Polish Innovation Award for PrivMX!

The award has been presented for 9 years by Polish Entrepreneurship Agency in association with prominent Polish media – the editorial board of Forum Przedsiębiorczości and Biznes Puls in Gazeta Wyborcza. It’s dediacted to the most creative business entities that have an innovative influence on the development of polish economy.

The award ceremony takes place annually during Polish Entrepreneurship Congress – a nationwide conference gathering representatives of polish business and the academic world, as well as experts in various fields. This year’s edition – a two-day congress – took place in The ICE Kraków Congress Centre.

It is yet another honorable mention for PrivMX on the polish market – our software has been the finalist of the Good Design Competition in 2020, organized by the Institute of Industrial Design.

In an interview in Forbes CEO of PrivMX Polska, Anna Tarach-Pawlicka, stated that innovation is deeply rooted in our team’s DNA and it is a characteristic of all our projects, that is why we are enormously happy that another one has been noticed by the polish community interested in modern and original solutions. We are delighted with such a recognition!

GDPR compliance with PrivMX: 2022 update

When we were developing PrivMX, it was important for us that the software would be helpful for our clients in terms of data security and compliance with the law.

General Data Protection Regulation has been with us for a few years now. It was adopted by the European Union and it applies to organizations all over the world if they collect or process data related to people in the EU. Consequently, if you process personal data of EU citizens (e.g. store or transfer them), you should also be compliant with the GDPR. One of the main requirements imposed by this regulation is to ensure an appropriate level of safety for personal data.

GDPR explained for remote teams: the feature checklist.

Now, PrivMX helps you with that on many levels. The software contains a number of functions and security measures that enable proper processing of personal data.

They concern in particular:


In PrivMX, all data, including sensitive and personal data, are stored on a private Team Server and subject to end-to-end encryption. It means that if you share a file or send a message within your PrivMX workspace, it is encrypted on your device and only you, or other Users of your Team Server, may decrypt it.

Nobody else, not even our team or the employees of your selected data server – the entity providing you with PrivMX services and storage space – is able to decrypt and read your data, stored on your Team Server. This may be really helpful when it comes to choosing appropriate security measures to protect extremely sensitive data, according to the GDPR provisions. GDPR law states that encryption is one of the measures recommended to ensure that personal data are protected according to all necessary standards.


According to the GDPR, you should ensure that all persons (e.g. your employees) that process personal data under your authority, do it only to the extent which they really need to. Therefore, access to personal data must be limited and all unauthorized people should not be able to read or use these data. 

As a consequence, we offer you an ability to limit users’ access to data stored within a Team Server only to the people you deliberately choose. You make the decision who within your team gets access to certain information – if it’s a part of your team or just a selected member. What’s more, it is fairly easy to manage access rights to certain Sections, such as chat, files, projects or calendars.


As you may know, a lot of service providers may store personal data outside of the EU. According to GDPR rules, these entities have to ensure that additional measures are undertaken in order to protect personal data in such a third country. That may require signing an additional, special agreement or verifying if you really may use such a provider. 

Additional difficulties may occur if you wish to use services of a US-based provider. In 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union rendered the Privacy Shield programme invalid. It was a special agreement between the EU and the USA, allowing to transfer personal data to US-based entities which joined this programme. As for now, we do not have any kind of a new agreement, replacing the Privacy Shield and providing a secure framework for transfers of personal data to the US. What is more, the Court of Justice basically indicated that US law does not enable the protection of personal data of EU citizens in an appropriate way. Therefore, all transfers of such data to e.g. cloud providers from the US are in fact currently not compliant with the provisions of the GDPR.

However, it is not the case when it comes to PrivMX services. We are a company registered within the EU, in Amsterdam, the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Our data centres are located in various countries of the EU, and you are the one who gets to choose the specific location of your data centre. Therefore, we can guarantee that your data will not leave the European Union.


GDPR states that you should prevent any unauthorized access to personal data, e.g. by people that are not acting on your behalf. One of the important aspects of data confidentiality is making sure that nobody will use your (or one of the authorized users) login and password in order to access your data. As a consequence, we offer you an ability to use two-factor authentication, using your telephone number or e-mail address.


PrivMX enables you to verify who created, deleted, modified or submitted a specific file or edited particular piece of data in a file. It is important because the GDPR states that every data controller should be able to use appropriate safety measures concerning the processing of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage. 

Therefore, any tool that helps you with checking who created, modified or deleted a file, what may be required, according to requirements specified in the GDPR.

From my experience as privacy and data security lawyer, it’s best to consider introducing GDPR compliance from the bottom up – not by rapidly shaping all your company’s policies to fit the rules, but by choosing the right teamwork tools. PrivMX introduces a structure that makes data privacy a seamless part of your daily work routine.

With data breaches on the rise, it’s best to take a holistic approach and keep all your assets – communication, information and documents –  in a reliable workspace.

Privacy vs anonymity.

These terms are subject to frequent discussions nowadays, both in private conversations and media coverage – but do we all understand them the same way? What do they mean precisely in terms of being online – for internet users and service providers? This article is an attempt to answer these and other similar questions and present our team’s point of view.

Project “Workation”.

If you have endless to-do lists and you’re suffering from FOMO and deadlines stress, the term “vacation” probably sounds like a foreign word to you.

Being the person who runs the whole show, you may be worrying that the moment you disappear to wind down a bit, your whole operation will fall into pieces. Well, there are at least three solutions for that…

1. Ignore nice sunny days and never take a vacation.

2. Pretend you’re taking your summer holidays and work from home – Shutterstock offers nice shots for social media purposes.


3. Go for a workation.

Assuming you have not gone mad yet, you can forget about the first two options. Let’s take a look at the third one then.

Like every industry, tourism has its own trends, and when global marketing experts say ‘Follow your customers’, travel specialists answer ‘All right then, off we go!’ Workation is for all those who seek sun, adventure, and for those who need to keep an eye on their key projects and, importantly, who can do so remotely.

In general, the concept of workcation is a combination of work and vacation and has evolved in response to the new sense of freedom that many of us have been awarded at work. It may be taken on a short-, medium- and long-term basis, depending on how low your batteries are and how much time you need to recharge them. Technology has enabled us to change the way we work for the better. Let’s use it!

A million-dollar tip just straight ahead: Plan your workcation well, as it’s so easy to get lost somewhere in between holidays and work. It’s so easy to be fully stressed out if you don’t make enough time for total relaxation and for deep work, either. But remember what Benjamin Franklin used to say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. No worries, I’m about to tell you how to schedule and operate your dream summer holidays!

Step 1: Plan vacations well in advance.

Treat your summer break as a project that needs a dedicated schedule of activities (and budget, of course!). If you have no chance for long holidays, choose a vacation that is already near a bank holiday and you will win some extra time for yourself. Block the days in your team and family calendar: it can do magic when it’s done in advance.

Step 2: Carefully select destination and accommodation type.

There are many wonderful places around the world that would make a perfect workcation destination. As we live in a digital nomad era, we can point a few popular examples for workcation lovers:

🇪🇸 Spain, especially Canary Islands; 🇭🇷 Croatia; 🇲🇽 Mexico; 🇵🇹 Portugal; 🇦🇪 Dubai; 🇩🇴 Dominican Republic and many other, beautiful places.

Each person is unique and has their own personal preferences, however, when choosing your destination, pay attention to:

  • Time zone – it will matter when you have to set up calls, online meetings, and deadlines, so choose your location wisely to avoid waking up at 3 am.

  • Cost of living – it’s always important when you plan a long-term workcation. Renting an apartment will definitely be more economical than staying at a hotel.

  • Excellent internet connection – it is a key factor here – if you ignore this issue, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Information about good, open wi-fi declared on the hotel or apartment’s website is not enough: you should contact them directly and discuss all possible solutions for a fast, stable internet connection on the spot.

  • A dedicated workspace – it’s easy to find an apartment with a desk so that you don’t have to work from your bed or the kitchen table. Treat yourself (and your back!) with care and make sure you select this option while filtering the amenities.

Step 3: Cross-train your team and travel companions.

Being the project manager or the owner of the business, you surely have some rare skills and you often feel irreplaceable. However, with the right training, your team members can likely jump in your shoes. 

Again – use technology and trusted platforms for remote teamwork. Before planning all tasks and responsibilities, maybe it’s time to switch to an all-in-one tool that will make your teamwork more smooth, intuitive, and efficient? One that will make your everyday routine much more simple and improve your work-life balance. Imagine logging off just 1 platform, not the usual 3 or 5 dispersed apps. No more “Have I turned the oven off?” scenarios in your head as you’re sitting on the beach – just one click and you’re off.

As you’re leaving your office space with all the cybersecurity perks, make your data’s safety a priority. Have you heard about the safe PrivMX cloud? It allows you to access all-things-work from wherever you are in a secure and easy way. Just have a look.

Don’t forget about your travel companions. They should know your daily routine. Make an agenda: think of how many hours you plan to work every day – remember that your brain works faster and better in the mornings. 

When you focus on your tasks, operate according to a well-designed plan. With no such distractions around as office chatting about the latest Netflix releases or scrolling social media posts, you can actually become more efficient and complete all your tasks much faster.

Take a lunch break with your family and friends at this local restaurant around the corner. Have a wonderful afternoon on the beach, spend it on a short trekking or biking trip. And just before heading to a nice dinner and evening entertainment, schedule a 45-minute session to monitor the progress of the team and plan your next morning tasks.

Step 4: Focus on major things and stick to the plan.

To be successful in your workcation, it’s essential to value your projects and tasks. Don’t waste your time answering small questions other team members can easily deal with. Stay assertive! If you’re available 24/7 on a regular basis, this time respect your own limits.

A popular solution that is often ignored is setting an automated message for phone calls and emails. Instead of feeling the urge to respond to every email and phone call coming your way, take a moment to set an autoresponder explaining that you are on vacation, including an alternative contact number (to some other team member, for instance) as well as the date of your return. This will help keep anxious clients at ease.

We know very well that it’s very important to be consistent because all these small talks with your clients and office friends can get you on a wrong track and inconspicuously you will end up working nine to five and missing out on all the afternoon activities and nice „umbrella drinks” by the pool.

Step 5: Give yourself a break – the world isn’t going to end without you.

That’s the hardest part … I know, but when you do it, you will realize these offline moments are as valuable as diamonds. What are these precious stones exactly?

  • the release of stress by reconnecting with nature,
  • learning new skills by socializing with the locals and getting to know their lifestyles,
  • an explosion of creativity by discovering new places and experiencing new cultures,
  • strengthening the relationships with family and friends – just – – staying close all the time, sharing wonderful and lazy summer moments.


Holidays play a significant role in our lives and we should value them as much as our annual key projects. That is why we should plan our holidays in advance and adjust them to our needs. A thoroughly planned workcation is a great solution for combining travels, discovering the world’s treasures, broadening your perspectives, developing creativity and strengthening relations, taking care of your business and successful career all the while.

Remember: happiness improves productivity. We live in the world of amazing technology and IT solutions, let’s make the most of it!

From now on, PrivMX is FREE and OPEN!

Today is the day – we’re opening our source code and adding new self-hosting and enterprise offers. This is our opening for 2021 and a brand new chapter for PrivMX! See how we got here and what it means for the users.

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