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Logging into your PrivMX Fusion account

This tutorial is dedicated to all Team Members, entering PrivMX Fusion for the first time. If you’re a Team Keeper, read the tutorial on how to arrange the workspace for your Team Members and invite them in.

Please keep in mind you can always get back to us with any questions or issues on the way. Use the contact form or write to us at

Downloading PrivMX Fusion

To start using PrivMX Fusion, you need to download the app from our website. After the download is complete, you can open and install PrivMX Fusion software on your computer.

As a Team Member, you must have got your login and password from your Team Keeper. Use them to enter your workspace:

After you enter PrivMX Fusion, you see our Tools (Chats and Files first, Tasks and Calendar appear when you click “more”) listed above and all the Sections of your team below:

You can enter your workspace through any of the Tools or Sections – the app will take you directly to your destination. Note that if you enter PrivMX Fusion via any Tool, you’ll see all your Sections throught the perspective of the selected Tool. Entering through any Section takes you directly into its content – Chats, Failes, Tasks and Calendar. To understand it better, take a look at the unique, 2-dimensional architecture we designed. It’s based on horizontal Tools and vertical Sections:

The top, horizontal menu contains all of our tools: Chat, Files, Tasks and Calendar. The vertical bar consists of different Sections you create for and with your team. They help you organize your projects and teamwork according to the way you work. As you’re entering PrivMX Fusion for the first time, the app will show you a brief instruction to make your onboarding smooth and easy 😉

Entering PrivMX Team Server through Files:

Choosing Files in the first window after you log into your Team Server lets you see all the files that you have access to, arranged within Sections you belong to:

As you create, share and add more files to your Team Server, you’ll see all the Files neatly organized in:

  • your private files – containing all the files you create in PrivMX Fusion (text notes or Mindmaps) or upload from your device to your private workspace;
  • your private Pocket files – with all the files you can access via our mobile PrivMX Pocket app;
  • your device – where you can easily access all the files from your desktop;
  • recent files – where you can see all the recently modified Files
  • your favourite files – where all the files you have marked as your favourite are easily accessible
  • trash – where all of the deleted files are stored;
  • Sections – where you can find all the files shared, created and uploaded by your fellow Team Memebers within a particular Section. Note that files are always displayed in chronological order, with the ones recently edited on the top.

Read this article to learn more about how you can use Files in PrivMX.

Entering PrivMX Team Server through Chat:

After clicking on the Chat button, you will enter your PrivMX Fusion workspace and see it from the perspective of all the Chat channels that your Team Keeper has made you part of. All the channels are listed in the sidebar menu on your left – just click up and down through the list to start or read conversations. You can also search through Sections and Chats using our Sidebar search tool, above the Sections. Each Section may have its own Chat channel, where every Team Member with access can enter, talk to other members, post comments and share resources, such as files or links. You can see these Sections’ channels listed in the top part of the sidebar menu – as shown in the screenshot below:

You can also use Chat to have one-on-one or ad hoc group coversations with other Team Members – these are listed below the Sections’ Chat channels:

Read this article if you want to get to know all the features behind PrivMX Chat.

Entering PrivMX Team Server through Tasks:

If you choose to enter your Team Server through Tasks, you’ll be able to see all tasks, to-do lists and kanban boards that you have access to, arranged in:

  • your private Tasks – containing your own tasks, with no other Team Members assigned;
  • all Tasks– including all Tasks you have access to, arranged in chronological order;
  • Tasks created by You – where you can check all the tasks you created for yourself and other Team Members;
  • Trash
  • Tasks within particular Sections – it’s where all the tasks related to Sections are organized; you can view them as to-do lists, kanban boards or Tiles according to your settings;
  • Tasks assigned to particular Team Members – clicking through the names’ list results in displaying tasks assignments.

Here you can learn how to add new Tasks in PrivMX Fusion.

Entering PrivMX Team Server through Calendar:

If you enter through Calendar, PrivMX Fusion takes you to the particular Section’s time schedule. The app keeps track of the last Section you used before logging out, so any time you enter your workspace after logging in, you’ll be starting from this particular Section. That’s the original PrivMX Fusion structure, supporting flexibility and agility in your day-to-day team work routine.

All the Calendar’s features are explained in this tutorial.

That’s the original PrivMX structure, supporting flexibility and agility in your day-to-day team work routine.

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