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End-to-end encrypted Chat. Why should I use encrypted chat at work?

The sudden switch to remote work has forever changed the way teams communicate. A ton of research has been done so far to document this transformation and its impact on the work environment, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but this we know for sure: digital communication solutions are here to stay. […]

Total Privacy-by-Design.

Does privacy-by-design paradigm relate only to personal data? What is the most effective, simplest way to implement this important concept? Are any trade-offs necessary? What is the role of the open-source code?

GDPR compliance with PrivMX: 2022 update

Here’s an updated GDPR checklist for all project managers and team leaders, created by our expert on all things legal, Michal. Learn how PrivMX can help your remote team stay GDPR compliant!

Privacy vs anonymity.

These terms are subject to frequent discussions nowadays, both in private conversations and media coverage – but do we all understand them the same way? What do they mean precisely in terms of being online – for internet users and service providers? This article is an attempt to answer these and other similar questions and present our team’s point of view.