PrivMX Knowledgebase

How can I delete my Team Server and all my data?

Log into your PrivMX Team Server and go to your User Settings in the top right corner; click ‘Team Server’; log into your PrivMX Control Center and go to “Team Servers”; then click “show details” and there’s a “delete server” button that deletes your Team Server permanently.

What if I can’t log in?

Make sure that you’ve provided the full login, along with the Team Server address (

How to encrypt tasks?

Use PrivMX Fusion, where all your data is end-to-end encrypted by default, including your tasks and to-do lists.To learn more about how we encrypt tasks, go to our blogpost.

How to encrypt a message?

Use PrivMX Fusion – it secures your whole chat – video calls, text, audio and video messages with end-to-end encryption by default.To learn more about how we encrypt communication, go to our text about encrypted chat.

Where can I find my ACToken?

You can find your ACToken in your User Settings. If you are a Team Keeper, ACToken appears when you set up a new Team Server.

What is ACToken?

Your personal ACToken is a secret and unique ID of your account in a form of a textual mnemonic. In case you forget your password, you can use the token to log into your PrivMX Team Server.