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PrivMX in the finals of the GOOD DESIGN 2020 competition! But what is good design, after all?

Apart from debating over each and every action button, having endless discussions about background colours or the type font, most of our design decisions were related to crafting the 2 layers of PrivMX architecture. We put enormous pressure on making it as flexible, smooth and user-friendly as possible while maintaining high levels of privacy so that every team member can focus on getting things done and stay safe.

We learned the difficult art of elimination on the way. As we worked on each PrivMX tool, it was essential to base on actual teamwork practices, universal for many types of interactions in the workplace. Our goal was creating a Fusion of Tools that would work for any type of team, enabling organic communication and helping them stay focused, effective. After all, Less is more, as Mies van der Rohe used to say 😉

When we think of design in terms of our software, there’s one special idea rooted in the core of PrivMX – the Privacy by Design approach. Keeping intellectual property safe, securing our users’ data, respecting human right to privacy in the digital world: that’s our team’s mantra since the very beginning. We chose the most reasonable ways to do that, using end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge servers, 2FA and storing our data in local data centres.

It’s a great honour for our team to learn that our design decisions were acknowledged by the jury of the GOOD DESIGN 2020 competition, a contest organized in Poland since the 90ties by the prestigious Institute of Industrial Design. We’re happy to be nominated alongside other great services and products, making the world around us more beautiful, simple and functional.

We know the devil’s in the details, and good design is not only about the interface, but about how the product makes you feel.

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