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PrivMX at TNW and Infoshare!

Networking in the times of COVID

This autumn season our team participated in 2 major tech events – Infoshare conference acknowledged within CEE and the grand TNW. Both were held online due to health precautions, and that made the experience even more… intense.

With thousands of remote participants, both events faced the challenge of enabling a seamless online experience. As for the panel discussions and presentations, it was interesting to observe and take part in the parallel discussions taking place in the chat channels. What was usually a part of Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn threads, suddenly became a sort of a stage act, almost as important as what the main protagonists had to say on stage.

As for networking, it was truly global! PrivMX was featured in the Virtual Expo space during both conferences. Our Startup Booths were visited by tech enthusiasts from all over the world and it was truly great to get in touch with them. If you’re reading this – know that we’d certainly prefer to meet you all face to face and shake hands properly, but still – what an adventure! Thanks!

PrivMX on TNW stage

As for adventures – there was one we certainly won’t forget. Our team got a last-minute invitation to take part in the Startup Pitch Battle within the „As a Service” category and we had around 30 hours to prepare an epic presentation. As challenging as it was, it offered another opportunity to exercise excellent teamwork;)

Though we did not win, we got some great, insightful questions from the jury, including Stephen Nundy, Felipe Millan, Jasper Masemann, Susie Meier and Konstantin Hapkemeyer. The host, Andrew Acadams was extremely supportive and it was great to meet all the other inspiring startup participants backstage. It surely was an important step towards shaping our brand communication strategy and we’re grateful to TNW for the opportunity!

After all these experiences we’re hungry for more online events. What conferences are you recommending? Let us know!

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