PrivMX Knowledgebase

How to set up a new Team Server if I already have PrivMX Fusion installed?

Then just logout and use the Create Server option on the login screen. You can use multiple accounts and servers from single installation of PrivMX Fusion.

Where can I set up new user accounts?

Because we are not sure if your web browser (and its plugins) is secure enough to generate private encryption keys, all processes connected with creating a Team Server and the first account as well as new users’ accounts take place in the PrivMX Fusion desktop app.

Can I export my PrivMX Fusion data, including Text Notes, Spreadsheets and Mind Maps?

Yes – your data belongs to you and your Team only.

You can easily export all PrivMX Fusion files (Text Notes, Spreadsheets and Mind Maps) and all documents shared within your Team Server straight to your desktop.

Can I use PrivMX Fusion on many devices?

Of course! Your login and password get you access to your PrivMX Fusion account on all the devices with PrivMX Fusion software installed.

Can I use PrivMX Fusion with my team of more than 25 people?

Although there are no technical obstacles to using PrivMX Fusion in a large team, we can see a single PrivMX Team Server works best for teams of 15 people. It’s simply easier to stay agile and keep the information flow clean, so we recommend sticking to the “one server = one team” rule.

We offer a solution for bigger teams as well. You can divide your team into groups and create a number of Team Servers. These separate teams can share common Sections to collaborate, communicate, and share files.

If you are interested in that solution, contact us to discuss the details.