PrivMX Knowledgebase

What if my firewall blocks PrivMX?

In your firewall settings add exceptions for your Team Server’s domain and for

What if I still cannot solve the problem that has occurred?

Use the support form to describe what exactly has happened. You can find it in the top right user menu in PrivMX Fusion or in PrivMX Control Center.

How can I delete my Team Server and all my data?

Log into your PrivMX Team Server and go to your User Settings in the top right corner; click ‘Team Server’; log into your PrivMX Control Center and go to “Team Servers”; then click “show details” and there’s a “delete server” button that deletes your Team Server permanently.

What if I can’t log in, although the login and password are correct?

It’s possible that there is a problem with your system clock. Make sure that the date and time on your device are correct and try logging in again.

What if I can’t log in?

Make sure that you’ve provided the full login, along with the Team Server address (