PrivMX Knowledgebase

What are your plans for the future?

Big! After we develop all the features on our feature request list (never-gonna-happen;), we plan to work on our own PrivMX hardware. Stay tuned!

What is PrivMX Control Center?

Control Center is an online platform accessible to Team Keepers and company admins, where they can: – get access to priority support – create and manage Team Servers – check security logs and settings – view payments status and download invoices.

How do updates work?

You’ll be notified about all updates available inside the application, in your user profile.To update, you just need to click DOWNLOAD and INSTALL and PrivMX Fusion restarts automatically in a new version.

Who is a Team Keeper?

Team Keeper is a regular Team Member with some extra benefits. Team Keepers arrange the workspace for their team. They are the ones who create accounts for their Team Members, invite them to the workspace, and manage their primary user settings.Apart from all the functions and activities available for any Team Member, Team Keeper is […]